Flux Javadoc. Version 8.0. Released on 31 January 2013.

flux File Orchestration Solutions for Banking and Finance
flux.agent Execution of processes on remote computers to increase overall system throughput and to allow processes to run on computers that contain unique resources
flux.audittrail Audit trail
flux.audittrail.client Client-side audit trail
flux.audittrail.server Server-side audit trail
flux.audittrail.status Heartbeat, database trouble, and status events
flux.file File triggers and actions
flux.j2ee Java EE triggers and actions
flux.jmx JMX MBean for the Flux engine
flux.logging Logging
flux.notification Triggers and actions that receive and send email notifications
flux.repository Storage depot of template workflows and other reusable Flux components like engine configurations
flux.runtimeconfiguration Configuration properties that can be updated at runtime, including concurrency throttles and default workflow error handlers
flux.runtimedatamap Copies data within workflows at runtime in order to configure workflow on-the-fly with runtime data
flux.security Security that provides user authentication, security roles, and fine-grained permissions for working with engines, the cluster, and the Operations Console


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