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Removes all flow charts, messages, publishers, users, roles, logs, audit trail entries, and, in general, all data associated with this Flux engine. Furthermore, this method resets the default administrator user account to its default settings.

Note that calling clear() from within a running job will fail, because at the next transaction break, the engine will see that the job was deleted and rollback the transaction. Rolling back the transaction will undo the work of the clear() method. A simple workaround is to fork a new thread from within the running job, have that thread call Engine.clear(), and wait for the thread to finish. This solution works because the new thread uses a new database connection to perform its work.

If a flow chart is running when clear() is called, that flow chart will not terminate until the next transaction break, at which point the flow chart's transaction will rollback and the flow chart will terminate. To force early termination, interrupt the flow chart.

Response Body

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