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Returns an ordered result of flow charts, based on the next scheduled firing time of each flow chart, given all flow charts in the specified flow chart namespace and within the specified time range.

Only those flow charts that contain a timer trigger with a scheduled trigger date within the specified time range are included in the result. Note that if a timer trigger's scheduled trigger date has not been set, that timer trigger is not included in the forecast.

Returns a ForecastElement for each timer trigger in each flow chart that has a non-null scheduled trigger date. Note that if a flow chart contains more than one timer trigger with a scheduled trigger date set, there will be more than one entry in the iterator for that flow chart.

Note that the actual firing of flow charts may not directly correspond with the forecast due to a variety of factors.


name description type default
fromDateFilter The start date for the forecast. query
fromTimeFilter The start time for the forecast. query
toDateFilter The end date for the forecast. query
toTimeFilter The end time for the forecast. query
namespaceFilter A number of flow charts in the hierarchical flow chart namespace. The namespace may include the wildcard characters "*" and "?". The "*" character matches any character zero or more times, and the "?" character matches any character exactly once. query
page Page number to retrieve. If empty, defaults to 1. query 1
pageSize Specify number of flow charts per page. If empty, defaults to 50. query 10
timeOffset (no documentation provided) query

Response Body

element: forecastElements
media types: */*

An ordered result of flow charts.